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What is K 2019?

K 2019 is the largest plastic and rubber trade fair in the world. It has more than 3200 stands and more than 200000 visitors have been counted during the last edition. The most important suppliers of raw material and auxiliaries, semi-finished products and technical parts, machinery and equipment, are going to be there with the company of universities and important institutions which are going to talk about science and innovative researches.

When will K 2019 be?

K 2019 will be taking place on the 16th of October 2019 and, for 8 days, it welcome the most important suppliers of raw materials and auxiliaries, semi-finished products. The exposition will end on October 23th, 2019

Where will K 2019 be?

The fair trade is going to be in Gemany at the Exhibition Center of Düsseldorf

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