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What is MSV 2019?

MSV 2019 is the most important industrial engineering trade fair on central Europe, with more than 1600 exhibitor and about 80000 visitors. The main topic of International Engineering trade fair MSV 2019 will be industry 4.0 and digital manufactory with dedicated areas the largest of which are materials and components for industrial machinery, electronics, automation and measurement technology, sensor technology, measuring devices and robot technology for automation.

When will MSV 2019 be?

The exibition will open the gates on October 07th, 2019. Guests can visit the most important trade fair of the center europe for industry 4.0 for 4 days. It will end on October 11th,2019.

Where will MSV 2019 be?

It will take place at Messe BrĂ¼nn in Brno, Czech Republic

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